08 December 2009

Post-Afghan Speech Job-Approval Polling

President Obama's polling numbers, following the speech on revisions to the Afghanistan policy, have continued on a downward trend. RCP noted that the Gallup poll had an unusual drop of four points overnight.
'Obama suffered a net four point loss of support overnight - a noticeably sharp decline for a tracking poll that usually doesn't move more than a point or two in either direction on any given day.'

Polling Data

PollDateSampleApprove Disapprove Spread
RCP Average11/12 - 12/6--49.045.1 +3.9
Gallup12/4 - 12/61547 A4746 +1
Rasmussen Reports12/4 - 12/61500 LV4950 -1
CNN/Opinion Research12/2 - 12/31041 A4850 -2
USA Today/Gallup11/20 - 11/221017 A5044 +6
FOX News11/17 - 11/18900 RV4646Tie
CBS News11/13 - 11/161167 A5336 +17
Democracy Corps (D)11/12 - 11/161000 RV5044 +6

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These polling changes are largely meaningless to the Presidency at this point in time, and similar results only forced President Clinton to re-tool his agenda, pushing him closer to the center than he might otherwise have been. To many in Congress, however, these numbers have got to be troubling. Harry Reid continues to sound increasingly desperate, while his own poll numbers have taken a long, slow dive. Generic Congressional polls place Republicans within 0.4 points of Democrats, while 58.2% (as an average of multiple polls) state that the country is headed in the wrong direction. In general, these are not the numbers to make the Democratic Party happy, and may signal a trend back toward the center.

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