07 December 2009

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day and Azar 16th

Today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, and the 68th year since Japan attack the United States, opening the Pacific front of WWII.

Today is also Azar 16th, which commemorates the university students in Iran. In honor to the day, students at many universities protested their total lack of freedom today, and are paying the price for demanding that freedom. From Revolutionary Road (the blog appears to have been taken down, but they are still posting on Facebook):
'Suppose you arrest all of us, what will you do with the truth that is laid bare? We stand as ever to report on Azar 16th

A Few hours ago Amin Moshashaei, Saman Valadbeygi, Diakoo Pir Khazari, Arsalan and Soheila Amani, student activists of Iranian universities were arrested.

This was the first news I heard this morning, after hearing the phone ring.

With the comprehensive attack on another student movement and detaining free men of a country of sun and wind, the despotic rule once again showed it trembles from our unity and common combat. Now being marked (star), imprisonment and being expelled from University is a golden leaf for each brave and noble child of Iran. On December 7th (Azar 16th) of this year, 56 years after the epic rise of students against tyranny and inequality in Iran, when millions stepped in the field to reclaim their legitimate rights, hope and awareness with a deep political analysis and social change, students have become an invincible force. All efforts to eliminate the freedom-loving and human identity of millions opposing oppression and inequality are passive acts destined for failure.'
Students have been posting mobile video of the protests for the last two days leading up to today's protests. Note the chants of "death to the dictator" and "death to Khomeni."

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