12 March 2010

Seventy Years Later - Honoring the WASPs

They paid for their own pilot licenses, and when they died in the line of duty, for the transport of each other's bodies for burial. The Air Force refused to acknowledge or honor them properly, and forced them from their training positions, rather than let men with junior positions and fewer in-flight hours lose a position. They flew cargo, fighter planes, test planes, and moving gunnery targets. These women were the Women Airforce Service Pilots, and they were finally honored for their service today. Last year, the president signed into law a bill allowing the Congressional Gold Medal to be awarded to the surviving WASPs and the families of those who have died. Today, the women were on Capitol Hill to receive the awards. The WASPs were among the women who paved the way for all other women who have served in the military.

Thank you ladies - for courage, service and patience.

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