26 September 2008

Debate Comment 2: Sitting and talking

Sen. McCain questioned Sen. Obama's statement in two debates during the primary season that he would sit and meet with Iran, Venezuela, etc. without pre-condition. Sen. Obama essentially said that was he meant was 'preparation,' and then went on to claim that Sec. Kissinger recommended the same policy. Sen. McCain corrected Sen. Obama, stating that Sec. Kissinger would never recommend Presidential talks without precondition, only Ambassadorial-level talks. Sen. Obama then said, "of course." Sen. McCain then made it clear how much more knowledgeable he is on security and international relations when they moved on to Russia. Sen. Obama said we should make sure that both Georgia and Russia didn't act extremely, and that he would tell Russia not to act that way. When he essentially gave the same response for dealing with Iran, Sen. McCain replied with a - "please!" McCain laid out geography of the Georgian pipeline and port that Russia was really after, and the stakes in Iran, repeatedly going after Obama's naivete. Sen. Obama ended up claiming he's the one who warned Pres. Bush that Russian 'peacekeepers' were on the ground in Georgia last Spring. As Sen. McCain said: please!

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