26 September 2008

Debate Comment 1: Strategy and Tactics

Wow! The boldest claim I've ever heard from Sen. Obama was just made: "I absolutely understand the difference between strategy and tactics." Really? He keeps calling a plan to achieve peace and victory in Iraq a tactic, and a failed one at that. He denies that he's refused to acknowledge the success of the troop surge, and keeps trying to discuss why he thinks we shouldn't have gone in in the first place. He then goes on to say that he stood up and opposed the war
"... when it was politically dangerous to do so." He probably did - as a state senator. Standing up as a state senator was never politically dangerous, and would it no way have impacted him, particularly as Illinois was leaning liberal at the time, and he was from Chicago (home of the Daley machine). Sen. Obama, by the way, here are some general definitions of strategy vs. tactics that you should learn just in case you do become Commander-in-Chief:

Strategy is the overarching mission statement that states what we want to achieve, and why.
Tactics are the tools employed to achieve strategic success.

Maybe it would be better to understand our strategic goals, and the tactics employed to achieve them first. Maybe then you would be able to acknowledge success when it occurs and give our troops not just a pat on the back, but the recognition that they have succeeded.

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