26 September 2008

Debate Comment 3: Mulling It All Over

How did the debate go? I have to agree with Brooks and Shields on PBS - the debate was stylistically a tie. Brooks just said, "Obama was best in those interpersonal issues, and McCain was best on security [knowledge] and experience." Frankly, I'd rather have someone whose better on the knowledge and experience rather than interpersonal issues. I have a degree in Interpersonal Communications, and a background in marketing and P.R., and certainly understand in detail what interpersonal relationships mean. But interpersonal relationships will take one only so far. They're certainly important. One can't negotiate without them, but one can't lead with them. Sen. Obama was also reduced to defending himself, his record and his words several times, which is never good. I have a feeling, though, that tonight will change few minds.

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