08 February 2010

The Never-Ending Story: Illinois Political Failings

The Democratic candidate for Lt-Gov of IL, Scott Cohen, has resigned in tears over battery charges filed by his-then girlfriend in 2005. Interestingly, his own party has forced him out, after he won last Tuesday's primary. His ex-wife has also accused him of battery and assault in the past, to include securing an order of protection, but is standing by her 'ex-man' today, stating that she does not believe these current charges.

Could things spiral downward any further for the IL Democrats? Pat Quinn, acting Governor, and the official Democratic candidate for Gov., after Hynes bowed out on Feb. 4, is a decent candidate, but the resignation of Cohen (who only the primary with 25% of the vote), and Quinn's ties to Blagojevich, leave the ticket vulnerable in November.
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