12 February 2010

Loving the Iranian Bomb?

With apologies to all of my Air Force friends, only an Air Force officer could have come up with a apologetic for accepting a nuclear Iran (and only the NY Times would have published it). The strangest point in the whole ludicrous article?
'Third, Israel has made clear that it feels threatened by Iran’s nuclear program. The Palestinians also have a reason for concern, because a nuclear strike against Israel would devastate them as well. This shared danger might serve as a catalyst for reconciliation between the two parties, leading to the peace agreement that has eluded the last five presidents. Paradoxically, any final agreement between Israelis and Palestinians would go a long way to undercutting Tehran’s animosity toward Israel, and would ease longstanding tensions in the region.'

There are no easy responses to Iran's nuclear ambitions, but rolling over, or taking a lordosis position, are the worst of them.
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