01 July 2009

UPDATES: Protest Videos

UPDATES: The person, from whom many of my recently-posted videos and notes come, would like me to go ahead and site his blog by name. While this does reveal his name, he is firm in his desire to openly confront what he sees around him. The blog is Revolutionary Road. I am also placing it in my blogroll. Saeed is determined to call the regime what it is and demand justice and freedom. I hope you'll take the time to look at his site, and support him.

Hopefully, this post will work. Everytime I try to load some of these videos into a separate post (like the last one), the links don't correctly work. These are primarily from students I have contact with in Iran, although some are from regional news services and one is from the Times Online.

20 June 2009:

23 June 2009:

24 June 2009:

Tehran University

Candlelight Memorial and Vigil:

Basij Kill a Protestor:

Riot Police Crush Protests in Tehran (Times Online):

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