26 June 2009

They Don't Really Care About Us

Since the media seems fixated on every second of every move made surrounding Michael Jackson's death, Iranian student protestors have latched on to one of his songs: 'They Don't Care About Us (The Prison Version).'  The music video shows some very interesting parallels.

Meanwhile, press freedoms are increasingly restricted.  A protest of new limitations placed on media and further arrests of journalists had been scheduled for Thursday, July 2nd, but has been cancelled due to a new 'national security system order.'  The Iranian Journalists Information Secretary issued the following statement: 'This meeting agenda was to support members of the journalist guild who a big number of them now are unemployed because of press closure and seizure and some of them were arrested. Therefore, Although Iran Journalists Union knows that they have the legal right to hold this meeting but to protect journalists security in the current situation, informs all members that meeting is canceled. Iran journalists guild forum announces that judiciary specially general and revolutionary courts,should reconsidering their behaviors to press and journalists companions faster and remove recent media restrictions according to the clear liberties in constitution and press law and also release all arrested journalists immediately.'

On the international front, Iran has unilaterally 'disqualified' the EU from participating in talks on Iran's nuclear program.  The EU may retaliate by expelling Iranian diplomats and recalling their own.  The BBC reports: 'Maj Gen Hassan Firouzabadi, Iran's chief of staff, accused the EU of "interference" in riots which followed June's disputed presidential elections.'  Even President Obama seems to be slowly concluding that dialogue with Iran may 'suffer' if the crackdown continues.

Videos taken by student protestors continue to come out including some of those posted here.

A student with whom I am in touch states that today (July 1) the Far News Agency in Persian reported that the doctor who witnessed the murder of Neda Soltan and tried to help her will be prosecuted.: 'Speaking to a gathering of reporters, General Esma'il Ahmadi-Moqaddam added: Arash Hejazi is being prosecuted by the Ministry of Intelligence and Interpol forces. He stressed: The murder of Neda Aqa-Soltan is a scenario which has no links to Tehran's riots. Arash Hejazi, the doctor who was present at Neda Aqa-Soltan's murder scene, has held certain sensational interviews with foreign media on this murder case after departing the country.'

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