17 July 2009

UPDATED: Rafsanjani Speaks (Don't Let Them Be Forgotten)

UPDATE: During today's Friday prayers, Ayatollah Rafsanjani spoke against Ahmadinejad and his supporters. Shortly after, protests erupted at and near Tehran University.
'"We could have taken our best step in the history of the Islamic revolution had the election not faced problems," he told worshipers in and around Tehran University. "We are in doubt today. Today, we are living bitter conditions due to what happened after the announcement of the election result. All of us have suffered. We need unity more than any time else." Even before Rafsanjani's speech began, security forces were stuffing young men into waiting police vans. Helmeted Basiji militiamen aboard motorcycles began pushing forward. After the speech, downtown Tehran erupted in violence as security forces attacked crowds of demonstrators, older and grayer than recent gatherings, who were chanting "Death to the dictator!" and "God is great."'
The movement toward freedom appears to be intact, and its demands, unabated.

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