16 July 2009

40th Anniversary of Apollo 11

From Fox News:
'Forty years ago Thursday, Apollo 11 blasted off on its 280,000-mile journey, fulfilling President Kennedy's 1961 call to reach the moon by the end of the decade. To commemorate the anniversary, NASA released newly restored video footage of the Apollo 11 moon landings — but the fabled "lost" moon tapes weren't among them. Those tapes, alas, which preserved the highest-quality raw feed from the moon in July 1969, appear to have been accidentally erased. Instead, what NASA officials unveiled at a press conference at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., were partially restored versions of the compressed signal sent to Mission Control in Houston from three ground receiving stations in California and Australia.'

You can hear radio feed from Mission Control here, and the video library is here.

A great event to remember and celebrate.

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