08 April 2009

Vandals Destroy Monument to Fallen Hero

No matter what your beliefs, feelings about the war or the previous Administration, this is an utter disgrace.

From Families United:

Vandals Destroy Monument to Fallen Hero -
We NEED Your Help!

Vandals in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan have, for the second time, targeted a memorial to LCPL Justin Ellsworth, KIA Fallujah, Iraq- 2004. (Before and After Pictures Below) The first time the vandals ripped the American flag off the pole, poured gasoline on it, and burned the flag atop the boots, rifle, and helmet.

Justin’s father, John Ellsworth, has been a vocal supporter of our troops and is now the President of Military Families United, the nation’s leading military family advocacy organization in Washington, DC. Military Families United has been an outspoken voice for our troops and their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as advocating for strong national defense policies and increased funding for our troops.

We need your help to stand up to the politically motivated dishonoring of America’s heroes. Families United has started a fund that will collect money to repair memorials vandalized by those that seek to disgrace the service and sacrifice of our American Heroes. The Families United Memorial Restoration Fund will work to quickly repair and restore the monuments to our Fallen Heroes, not just Justin, but every fallen Hero. Families United is committed to making sure that the American people know about these heinous and disgraceful acts. CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE FUND

A letter from John Ellsworth, LCPL Justin Ellsworth’s father is below:

For those of you that do not know me, my name is John Ellsworth and I am the Vice President of Families United. My son made the ultimate sacrifice for his country when he was killed while serving in Iraq in 2004. To honor my son, the citizens of the City of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan erected a monument in September of 2005. The citizens of Mt. Pleasant collected the funds and paid for the monument and the city provided the area near the Michigan Vietnam Memorial. In July of 2007, vandals tore down the flagpole and burned the American Flag over the monument.

This happened again on Monday night when hateful vandals tore apart my son’s monument and stole the bronze inverted rifle and kevlar.

My family and I are absolutely devastated at this action and feel like we are mourning his loss all over again. These vandals have taken an honorable and elegant monument to our son and made it a focal point of their hatred and destruction. They have not only dishonored the memory of my son, but also the service and sacrifice of every American veteran that has risked their life in defense of this country.

John Ellsworth, Proud Father of LCPL Justin Ellsworth, KIA 11/13/04

Families United needs your help to rebuild this monument to restore honor to LCPL Ellsworth’s service and sacrifice. In order to send a message to these criminals, we want to replace the destroyed and stolen pieces of the monument as soon as possible.

And that is why we need your help today! Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Families United Memorial Restoration Fund - so we can rebuild this monument which serves as a tribute to those that have served and died defending our country. Your contribution will help us stand up for our veterans, military families and active duty troops against this type of unbelievable, illegal and disgraceful vandalism.

Your tax-deductible contribution to this fund will ensure that our fallen heroes or their families never have to worry about political activists trying to dishonor their service to this country.

Whether it’s a contribution of $25, $50 or $100, we would be grateful for your help today. If you want to donate more, that would be even more helpful.



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