09 April 2009

Barney Frank Loses All Semblance of Dignity

At a speech at Harvard, a student (Joel Pollack) asked Barney Frank how much, if any, responsibility he bore for the economic meltdown. Frank attacked Pollack, essentially calling him a right-wing conspiracy tool, and refused to answer the question. Pollack was dignified, quiet and respectful, but persistent. When Frank said he hadn't been the Chair (of the House Financial Services Committee,) until 2007, and asked what he could have done anyway, Pollack asked about better monitoring of bonuses and Frank's ties to Frannie and Freddie. Scores Pollack - 1, Frank - 0.

One thing is clear, Barney Frank permits no one to question him, ever. Not about the money he took from Frannie and Freddie, not about his ties through his former partner with Fannie and Freddie, not about his repeated defense of their lending practices and refusal to permit regulation, not about his current roll as a powerful chair - never.

I'll say this for Frank; he never fails to astound with his level of deception, hypocrisy and downright nastiness. Neither do some of these other clowns:

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