10 February 2009

Presidency for life?

No, I'm not talking about Chavez, whose made it more than clear that he wants to be President for Life.

I'm talking about the Democratic Party, which is making a grab for control of the census by having it run out of the White House. This would mean data used to determine the composition of the Electoral College, re-districting maps, and government spending programs would be managed and determined by a partisan for the first time. In a power-grab intended in part to make Judd Gregg's new position, peripheral, the White House has announced that the hyper-partisan, Rahm Emanuel, will now run the census as part of

You can link to the Census Bureau performance assessment at "ExpectMore.gov." It would be just perfect if they'd expand it to: Expect More Government. Their 'mission' statement reads:
The Federal Government is working to ensure its programs perform well. Here we provide you information about where we're successful and where we fall short, and in both situations, what we're doing to improve our performance next year. Learn more.
Now, why don't I take that seriously? Is it just me, or have two whole branches of the government been completely co-opted by power-hungry hacks?

Anyone get the feeling that they want the Presidency for Life?

1 comment:

  1. Now, here's an example of chutzpah: The Republicans didn't get their act together enough to challenge Obama for not being constitutionally qualified to be President as an Article 2 "natural born citizen" so Obama's White House steals the census from the Commerce Department against the specific instructions of the constitution itself -- "actual enumeration" under Article 1


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