04 November 2008

Reasons 6 and 7 out of 7 to Vote McCain: Obama and Dems Dirty Tricks and McCain's Honor

Dirty Tricks:
Yes, it's true that dirty tricks have never been the purview of any one party or campaign, but this election cycle seems to be dominated by an attempt to quash dissent. There has been a concerted effort on the part of the Obama campaign and Democratic Party to sway the election by taking illegal and unregulated donations from individuals over the donation limit and foreign donors, few of which were routed out by the campaign. There have been reports of rampant voter registration fraud, some reports of actual voter fraud, and intimidation of those trying to investigate the actions of the voter registration group, ACORN. Free speech and free thinking seem to have gone out the window for the party of openness. Joe the Plumber, who holy cow, uses his middle name, has been investigated and is the subject of intimidation and smear campaigns (not to mention open mockery) for daring to ask a real question of Obama. The media has been far more interested in a borrowed wardrobe than its own documented bias. Obama's tax plans have been distorted to sound like no one need ever worry again, and McCain has been falsely smeared with agreeing with every right-wing boogie man ever invented, despite being disliked and distrusted by most. It does on and on. Suffice it to say that Jack Kemp was right; the Obama campaign is attempting to buy and election for an incredibly inexperienced and corrupt politician.

McCain is a man who has, given his whole life over to his country. That in and of itself should incline most patriotic Americans to seriously look at voting for him. He dealt with the Keating Five scandal not by hiding from it, burying it or even by pointing out (rightly) that he cleared of all wrongdoing. Instead, he stood up to it, owned his part in the appearance of wrongdoing, and spend the next twenty years working on campaign finance reform. He does not back down in the face of difficulty; he truly loves this country. He has supported immigration reform, environmental protection, strengthening of the military, honesty in politics and in campaign finance, and elimination of corruption and waste.

Do you want a President that that will be for you, for this country and will give it everything he has? A President who will be honest, won't sugarcoat anything, and will work at real economic reform? Finally, do you want a President who will truly be nonpartisan? Vote McCain for President.

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