03 November 2008

Reason 5 of 7 to Vote McCain: Infanticide Light

I spent a lot of time debating the title of this article (the phrase was one I picked up in reading - I can't tell you exactly where I first saw it). After all, infanticide is a very serious charge, and not one to be lightly used, so a word of explanation is needed. I do not believe that Obama "wants" random killing of infants. The trouble with Obama's policy, is that he also doesn't see a need to step in an prevent it. I'm sure he truly and honestly loves his children and his family, and that is honorable and noble in any person. But, he doesn't extend that love of children to include the unborn, and those born from botched abortions.

When voting against the Illinois version of the Born-Alive legislation, he claimed (see title link) that he would have voted for it it it had the adequate protection language, for the health and life of the mother, contained within the federal bill. Two versions of the Illinois bill had nearly identical language. He said similar things about the other versions of the same bill and for a partial-birth abortion ban in Illinois. At the Saddleback 'debate' he said that knowing when life begins is "... above [his] paygrade."

Ultimately, I suppose that statement may be true for anyone, but that is not an excuse to 'duck and cover.' In environmental law and policy classes, one of the principles I learned (and learned to appreciate) is the 'Precautionary Principle.' This principle states that if a policy decision is needed that may impact human or environmental health is partially unquantifiable and negative ways, then the more cautious approach should be taken until the issue is better understood. I can't claim to know when God joins a soul to a living body, so I choose to rely on the 'Precautionary Principle.' I assume that human life and rights begin at conception, to prevent a grievous and evil error.

Obama may be the next President. His job is to provide leadership. The only leadership he has provided on the issue of right-to-life is to side with 'structural feminists' and Marxists, by his own admission. This means never once, not even once, taking any stance that would impede abortion in any way for any reason at any point in development, including if a baby if born alive following a botched abortion (except in rhetoric). The born-alive arguments are well known, but just in case you've missed it, I've included here, with some reluctance, an upload and a link to a video about the Born-Alive Protection Act. I'm reluctant only because of the ending of the video, which reads "No Hussein." I truly think that throwing his middle name around only makes us sound prejudiced and angry, and is clearly designed to associate Obama with his Muslim heritage. I don't think he is a Muslim, I think think that he adheres to core Christian principles poorly. I know quite a few socially or economically (or both) liberal Christians who put their political ideology ahead of Biblical authority (or who twist Biblical authority to mean whatever they want it to mean). Interestingly, I'm both a Christian and a reproductive biologist (I'm interested in environmental impacts on the reproductive health of endangered mammals), and so have a particular view on the start of life. While I definitely think it important to allow free choice in the case of incest, rape, and wear a woman's life or health is truly endangered (all situations where a woman made no choice to bring her to that point), I support restricting abortion outside of that. I also think it unconsiounable to allow minors to seek unrestricted access to abortion (including across state lines, something else Obama voted not to prohibit) without parental notification. Obviously, a responsible piece of legislation would need to build in protections for girls who are incest victims, or who live in abusive households, but to prohibit any attempts at parental notification laws is ridiculous. I return to my original thesis on Obama's decision making (see postings from two months ago): he is corrupt and in debt to far-left interests, and will always decide their way.

So, what to do if you feel that abortion and poverty are of equal importance on the pro-life spectrum? This is a defensible and ethical stance to take since Scripture mentions poverty more times than almost anything else. If you vote for Obama on the presumption that he is better for the poor (and assumption I have contested in earlier articles), you must accept that the unborn and newly, accidentally-born will be thrown to the side. Obama's record is wholly clear on this issue, as are the records of the Democratic leadership (who are all on board with nearly unrestricted abortion access). You need only look at Obama's wholehearted support for the Freedom of Choice Act to see this.

If you vote for McCain, you'll need to take into account your fears about his policies to the poor. Let me try to ally some of those fears for you. McCain was the primary author and co-sponsor of the immigration reform bill two years ago. For supporting this bill, he earned the wrath of most of his party, and many Democrats who were concerned about immigrants 'taking' jobs (and entirely bogus argument for most immigrants who take jobs no one else will, like picking lettuce). He supports legislation to continue lowering taxes on all income levels, including the lower, middle-class. Leadership on bills like these is not the action of one who is neither persuadable or uninterested (unlike Obama who shows no interest in listening to others on this issue and has never shown leadership). On the pro-life side, McCain has a clear record of supporting pro-life issues, but of being measured and responsible. He supports stem-cell research and moderate restrictions on abortion. While he thinks Roe v. Wade was irresponsible, he would not impose a litmus test on judges. These are the decisions of a man who tries to listen to others, balances competing demands, and still remains true to his principles and beliefs. These things are all true despite the outrageous media bias this election cycle

Do you want a candidate who stand for the unborn and vulnerable of all ages? Vote McCain for President.

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