19 October 2008

Spin Wars

The Christian Science Monitor published a little piece poo-pooing voter fraud today (click the title link to see the original). It occurred to me while reading it that one of the problems Republicans are facing in fighting for an election win (being vastly overspent), is our tendency to talk just 'amongst ourselves.' It's certainly comforting to speak with like-minded folk, and is one of the reasons I come back from phone-banking every week feeling charged up. But, self-congratulatory back-slapping won't help get John McCain elected President, and I very badly want him win this election. In fact, I've wanted him to be President ever since watching the way he handled the Keating five scandal with dignity, honesty, humility and leadership.

So, what should we do? Take the fight to them. We should all be reading opinion pieces and articles we don't agree with, and commenting on each and every one of them with well-written, well-reasoned arguments (poor grammar and irrationality don't help anyone's case). I've included the comment I've posted to the Christian Science Monitor article at the bottom of this blog posting. I noticed that their posting policy says the following:

"We do not publish all comments, and we do not publish comments immediately. The comments feature is a forum to discuss the ideas in our stories. Constructive debate - even pointed disagreement - is welcome, but personal attacks on other commenters are not, and will not be published."

Depending on how this policy is implemented, my comment may never show up on their website. I also couldn't help noticing that all of the comments so far were from Obama supporters calling Republicans racist and other friendly comments, so I think using 'idiot' shouldn't be too out of line (but all my friends and family could tell you that it's my favorite epitaph). Whatever the result of this election, I want to know that I did everything I possibly could to get John McCain elected. Don't you?

My comment:

Voter fraud, perhaps not (although there were reports today on ABC and CNN of some of the fraudulent registrants casting ballots in early voting in OH), but registration fraud is a felony and should be rigorously prosecuted. Members of ACORN have admitted to offering bribes, and registering the dead, pets, children and cartoon characters. While this may be limited to a small sector of their workforce, it's remarkable that so many of the demonstrable false registrations are occurring in 'battleground' states. Further, fraudulent registration detracts from ACORN's stated mission of ensuring registration of people who typically don't participate in the election process. If registrations are taken up by fraudulent filings, how does that assist anyone who truly needs and wants to register? The sentence, "In Indiana, Lake County officials stopped processing about 5,000 applications after the first 2,100 looked bogus," says it all. They found NO legitimate applications among the first 1/3 they examined, indicating that the majority of filings were likely to be fraudulent. And by the way, messdeupfacemccain, plumbers are not required to be licensed when working as sub-contractors, which was 'Joe's' job, and McCain's face is 'messed up' because he spent much of his life defending your right to be a flaming idiot.

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