18 October 2008

Obama Defends ACORN

The Obama campaign is no longer just acknowledging that ACORN is under investigation, and 'apparently' engaged in filing illegal registrations (for which some of its members bribed the registrants). Now, the Obama campaign is calling for a special prosecutor, the AG no longer being good enough for these complaints, alleging partisan politics, false accusations of voter fraud, and the specter of fired state attorneys. Hmmm, seems to me when the same individual can register multiple times, when the dead are registered, and when ACORN is under investigation for false filings in nine states, that we can fairly claim fraud has occurred. Except for those states where early voting has already occurred, voter fraud can't be alleged yet, but fraud there was. When registrants report bribery and coercion to register in a certain direction (or at all), that's fraud folks. To quote the estimable Sen. Biden, "if it walks like a duck ... it is a duck."

Freep.com reports that:

'Bauer said there appears to be an “unholy alliance” between law enforcement officials and Republican officials, including presidential nominee John McCain’s campaign. In his letter, Bauer said in a footnote that several of the nominee’s supporters in Congress have written to the Justice Department “pressuring them to investigate ACORN.”'

Well, yes, they probably have written to the Justice Dept., and I'm sure they have their own partisan leanings, but since we have wide-spread allegation of fraudulent registrations in multiple states (all of which are conveniently must-have states) demanding an investigation is the Congress' job.

'Obama does have ties to the group, though he has repeatedly said they are straightforward. He was one of a group of lawyers – including Justice Department representatives – who represented ACORN, the League of Women Voters and other groups in a voter registration case against the state of Illinois in the 1990s, and he also sat on a foundation board which gave money to the community organizing group. Obama – a former community organizer – also attended training sessions for the group in the past but never worked for it.'

Hey, Sen. Obama, why not take a stand for shedding light on the situation rather than trying to suppress information. Oh, that's right, suppression is only something Republicans do, right?

Click the title for a link to the full story, and let me know what you think.

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