08 July 2010

The Public's Latest Sobriety Treatment for the Government

Oh my, my, my.  The President's RCP average is down to -1.9, Congress is at -49.4, the GOP is up to +1.7, and the country overwhelmingly feels that the country is going in the wrong direction.  Worse for the President and Democrats, Independents are abandoning them almost across the board.  I'd like to crow, but the reality is that it's too late for crowing - the country bought into a pile of hogwash and spin in 2008, and we're going to be reaping the consequences, particularly economic consequences, for long after this Administration.  That's too serious for enjoyment.  Additionally, while many GOP candidates are performing extremely well now (e.g., Fiorina is now tied with Boxer in a dead heat), there is no overall agreement on an economic recovery plan within the GOP.  Winning in 2010 will provide a short-lived celebration without one.

In short, the public would generally agree that many politicians on all side fit this fine quote from 'MI-5' ('Spooks' in the UK): "You're just another bureaucrat with erectile dysfunction."

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