19 January 2010

Brown Wins! Results of Massachusetts Special Election - Constantly Updated

UPDATE 7: Highlights from the Brown victory speech: "I bet they can hear this cheering all the way in Washington D.C." That would be the reason you were elected - he does seem to get this. "The independent voice of Massachusetts has spoken ... the independent majority has delivered a great victory." The crowd is chanting "41, 41, 41." Brown - "This Senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party ... this is the people's seat." Crowd now chanting "seat him now." Sen. Kirk apparently willing to step aside as soon as possible. "I'm ready to go to Washington without delay." Brown is giving fairly gracious praise to Ted and Vicky Kennedy. He clearly understands the independent nature of his state.

UPDATE 6: Highlights from the Coakley concession speech: Martha Coakley concedes by saying that Brown has "... two lovely daughters." Yes, he does, but what does that have to do with anything? She appears to have only her own staffers applauding during her concession speech. "I headed out on the campaign trail for the last two days." That would explain, in part, why she lost by a larger-than-predicted margin.

UPDATE 5: Awaiting Brown's speech. Current results - Brown, 52%; Coakley, 47%; Kennedy, 1%.

UPDATE 4: Fox News is reporting the Martha Coakley has conceded. Scott Brown is maintaining at 53% with 75% of precincts reporting. AP reports the same.

UPDATE 3: With 70% of precincts reporting, the results below remain the same. Even Dems are breaking for Brown to some extent (although turnout for Dems may be low despite pleading from all in the party). Independents are overwhelmingly breaking for Brown, and largely over the health care reform debate.

UPDATE 2: Per Fox News - Brown 53%: Coakley 46%

UPDATE 1: Live blogging with reader feedback @ RealClearPolitics.com: http://realclearpolitics.blogs.time.com/2010/01/19/massachusetts-senate-race-live-blog/.

Preliminary results show Scott Brown holding on to a solid majority of votes. Updates will continue throughout the night.

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