13 July 2009

UPDATED: Bodies of Slain Protestors in Tehran Returned to Families

From Revolutionary Road:
'While many of prisoner's families are still worried about their loved ones and everyday are getting astonished by going from this union to that organization and from this prison to that court and they are not getting any response from authorities,they invite some other families to an unknown place and after justifying what they have done and threatening them about other family members being in danger,make them commit not to inform anyone of their children deaths and also make them sign some papers stating that their loved ones have died in car accident or other natural accidents and then deliver the bodies to scathing families.
Quoting from one of this families who did not want her name to be revealed ; They have taken her to a cold storage for keeping fruits and dairy products in south-west of Tehran and have showed her a photo album of more than 100 killed people to identify her child's body.She also has said : It has taken about half an hour to see killed people's photos.
She added while she has been going out of cold storage she has seen hundreds of martyr's bodies which were put over each other.

This scathing mother says though i did not find my child's body there but by seeing all those corpses which were depot , I collapsed and when I regained my consciousness i was in car out of cold storage.

All these happening while Iran militia authorities have rejected using of warm weapon in recent clashes in Tehran and it's not clear how all these killed and martyr people whom their names are daily publishing have been killed.'
Saeed Valadbaygi II
"Delivery of dead bodies to their families has started in Tehran and other cities. Judicial and security organisation were waiting for July 9th to pass and then start deliverying dead bodies which mostly were dead on June 15 and days after that on the streets or under torture in prisons.In Shahpour police station,50 photos are available for families to go and identify their beloved ones..."

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