09 June 2009

Obama Proposes Pay as You Go???

President Obama - you know, the man whose stimulus package and budget combined are going to increase the nation's debt and deficit (yes, both) beyond anything we've ever seen in our nation's history - now says that we should make 'pay as you go' the law of the land.  'The so-called PAYGO proposal requires Congress to balance any increased spending by equal savings elsewhere, Obama said in announcing the measure that now goes to Congress.'

Excuse me while I find my rear end.  I just lost it laughing. ... Now that I've taken care of that, look at the projections from the Congressional Budget Office.  Any thoughts as to where we're really headed?


  1. He's a real jokester isn't he? I can't wait to hear all those children he's screwing screaming in ten years: WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING!!!???

  2. Ahha - the changes worked and you were able to comment. Thanks for coming over! Yeah, I couldn't believe I was reading that title when it scrolled across the screen. And he really seems to think that we'll just swallow it.


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