23 June 2009

Iran's Angel of Freedom

Neda Soltan has now been dubbed Iran's Angel of Freedom.  All now know the story of this beautiful young woman, who was standing on the side of the road with her father and was shot.  For being there, for dressing in a Western fashion, for wanting freedom - no one really knows.  But we can know that she was murdered, and that Iran is now far beyond a protest against voter fraud.  Her death is not wasted, and her life and beliefs are being celebrated and honored in the courage of the protestors.  We should all live and die for causes such as these.

Meanwhile, President Obama has just said that he admires Sen. McCain's beliefs (in the mid-day press conference), but that "... only I am the President."  Very classy, Mr. President, very classy. Did you think we were confused?  He obliquely referred to Ms. Soltan, but only to say that it's unfair that she was shot.  He doesn't yet get the idea that America stands for freedom and democracy, and even if the president (for the safety of the protestors) shouldn't always speak up forcefully, he (or she) should always be clear that our country's soul is most clearly expressed by those fighting for their own freedom.  At best, he's saddened and concerned about the violence, and 'voting irregularities.'  I don't hear any real concern in his words for the freedom of the Iranians, particularly of the women who are standing strong in these protests.

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