24 February 2009

UPDATE 1: Jindal strikes back

Gov. Jindal of Louisiana is delivering the GOP response. He certainly has an interesting personal story and a bright future in the party.

He nails it: "The strength of America is NOT found in our government .... the way to lead is not to raise taxes ... The way to lead is to empower you." The Democratic leadership, "... instead of trusting us with our money ... passed the largest spending bill in history."

I love the hit on Sen. Reid's mag-lev train to Disney Land.

He then lays out the alternatives: tax cuts, promoting business and industry to grow jobs, increased energy development combined with conservation and innovation, universal health care access that is privately run, performance-based education, etc.

He calls for a true transparency in government - one which rejects political favors for money and rejects the corrupting earmark process.

I'm looking forward to seeing his career evolve.

The text of the entire response is here.

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