05 February 2009

The Great Catastrophe is coming

President Obama warned today of a coming Great Catastrophe if the stimulus bill isn't passed soon (and presumably to his liking). Does that sound like the Great Depression? Is it a threat? I was waiting to see pictures of him with a sandwich board on the, apparently grass-less, Mall lawn.

I wonder what catastrophe will befall if I refuse to pay my taxes come April, simply because I don't want to sod any lawns, ensure that people suit up before sex, or pay for new cars that I won't get to drive. He sure doesn't sound very hopeful to me. Maybe if everyone of the candidates had paid their taxes, and were working together without backbiting, it would go down a little easier. But just as most taxpayers don't want their money going to spa visits and bonus packages for failed CEOs, most of us don't want our money being managed by Washington insiders and tax evaders. Not even a spoon full of sugar could help with this mess.

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