18 January 2009

Back and weirded out

The Moderate Conservative is back after a nearly two month break, and feeling like I've entered an alternative universe. My party is in disarray and retreat (Mel Martinez, why the h--- are you leaving after one term?!), and for some reason, I find myself identifying with the writing of Camille Paglia at Salon.com. Of course, she perpetually sounds like a liberal whose lost her bearings, and whose common sense makes her sympathetic to more conservative leanings. Just look at her article from right after the election (title link).

I hope I wasn't the only one disappointed by the pre-inaugural concert broadcast today on PBS on HBO (huh?). Not the music - most of that was pretty fun; it was the thematic sense gained from the music, speeches, prayer (by the lovely Gene Robinson), etc. The theme seemed to be one of, heah! Everything's good because we've intelligently elected the next Messiah, who has arisen to make all well. It all culminated with Pete Sieger singing "This land is your land ..." It's a song I enjoy, but was proclaimed to be the greatest song ever written about America. Help! Get me out of this time-space warp please!

On a happy note, the Steelers are hanging on to a razor-thin lead in the AFC championship. Just four minutes to go, and we're back in the Superbowl! Wait, no, we just won! Another touchdown with 4:24 to go. I love the long-haired dude whose name I can never remember, and I love Ben!

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  1. The question is not IF there will be an interdiction of Obama’s Presidency by the Supreme Court, the questions are WHEN and HOW that interdiction will transpire — that is, if the USA is to continue as the Constitutional Republic that now exists.


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