07 November 2008

The Chicago Machine Rolls On: MSM Finally Does Some Reporting

In a sign that the MSM may be recovering a modicum of dignity, reporting on the appointment of Rahm Emanuel as the next Chief of Staff is not nearly all rosy. The Chicago Tribune (title article) reported on his deep ties to the corrupt Chicago Daley Machine (you know, the one that produced our President Elect). ABC News reported on the fact that Emanuel was director of Freddie Mac during the time it was cooking the books. Hmmm, since Pres.-Elect Obama is one of the largest recipients of money from them, I guess having the guy who donated to you makes sense. Even the NY Times seems a little troubled. It's a bit late, guys, to convince us you weren't thoroughly rolled, but maybe this indicates the honeymoon won't extend for four years.


  1. Respectfully, the OMSM is "recovering some modicum of dignity"?

    Please, don't reach for what isn't there.

    They cannot recover something they jettisoned, along with any pretense of professionalism and ethics, this presidential-election cycle.

    They did this because they've run out of pablum and Obama hype to print.

    Remember, too: Emmanuel has ties to the Clintons, and we know how despised the Clintons are by the OMSM.

  2. I'm just so full of hope, I thought I'd give this one a try ( - ; Seriously, though, I think it won't be a long honeymoon. After all, other than C. Matthews, who apparently thinks it's his duty to ensure the success of the administration, most of the media needs a negative story to survive on. Hope, sweetness and light won't carry them far.


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