13 October 2008

Obama and Odinga

My last post may have seemed a little off the wall. After all, only the conservative bloggers and some disgruntled Kenyans are reporting that Obama campaigned for, donated money to, and took money from Odinga, right? Apparently, not anymore. The Washington Times (click on blog title for link) reported on Sunday on the relationship between Obama and Odinga. After watching the slaughter in Kenya this past spring, and looking at other reports on the lack watch on foreign donors to the Obama campaign, it seems reasonable to conclude that Sen. Obama is captured by the corrupt politics of Chicago and Washington. No wonder he keeps dismissing Sen. McCain's calls for an end to earmarking and 'taking' in the beltway. Why would he want to dry up his sources of funding? So much for change, and you're right, Sen. Obama, the ACORN sure doesn't fall far from the tree.

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