17 October 2008

And the winner is ... fraud

The Supreme Court has ruled that Ms. Brunner, the OH Sec. State, need not turn over discrepancy information in voter roles to local officials for action on their part. The court apparently was relying on precedence in the application of HAVA that does not permit private parties to have access to voter information. That's well and good - I certainly don't want the Democratic Party have access to my voter registration info. But ... Ms. Brunner has said she has no way of knowing which registrants are fraudulent and which are not, and that she has no intention of sorting through that information. So how is HAVA to be fairly applied? If the local officials have no way of comparing discrepancies in voter roles, and picture IDs can't be used, how are they to know how many times one individual has voted much less who is a valid registered voter? Maybe the county officials should engage in a major suit against the Sec. State since the GOP has been turned down. Click the title to link to the NY Times article on the decision, and on this article, and let me know what you think.

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