17 September 2008

The Importance of Contribution

While older than most of my fellows, I'm a graduate student. In general, we pinch pennies wherever we can. Many of my fellow students tell me that yes, they support Sen. McCain, love Gov. Palin, will definitely vote for them, etc., but ... . they don't want to or can't commit money, time, thought, recruiting effort, etc. With an election as close as this one is, no one can afford to sit back. So, do you have two hours? Go to your local McCain election headquarters (for those of you near me, there's one on Yamato and Dixie and one in W. Palm off Okeechobee), and phone bank for awhile. I've had a blast talking to new voters, young voters, old voters and everyone in between. Volunteer to put up some road signs, hold a sign up on a street corner, or do a walk with other McCain supporters to encourage registered Republicans to vote. Do you have $10 or even $5 a week that you spend on coffee? Take a week to spend that money on the campaign. I'll even make it easy for you. You can donate through my MyMcain space: http://bullmoosegal.johnmccain.com/GetInvolved/Campaign.aspx?guid=f177450d-1f24-4d58-83e4-ce69493ce84e.
Do you believe in service? Then serve! Volunteer to drive people to the poles on election day. Sign up for the Peace Corps, Americcorps or the military (my strong preference obviously, but all service is good). Put the words of Sen. McCain's nomination acceptance, which were powerful and true, into action.

If you're looking for interesting reading on the campaign and media coverage, I've posted links to some interesting articles below that I've read recently:

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